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Take Care of Yourself

By Leigh Williams
  • Bath & Health
Taking care of yourself is always essential – but it’s especially crucial during these unprecedented times! Here are a few simple tips to take care of yourself and start feeling better ASAP:
-       Prioritize your physical health. Eating nutrient-dense foods, exercising, and prioritizing quality sleep have all been tied to better overall and better mental health! Don’t stress about hitting the gym if you’re not comfortable doing so, just start by incorporating a 30-60 minute outdoor walk daily.
-       Connect with your family and friends. No matter if you’re an introvert or extrovert, humans thrive on social interaction! Take time out of your day to catch up with a family member, an old friend, or schedule a game night via Zoom with your friends across the country to have fun and connect with those you love.
-       Pay attention to your environment. Is your space cluttered and messy? This can affect your mental health! Take some time to tidy up your space – your mental health with thank you!
-       Write it out. Start a journal and write out your feelings. Don’t know where to start or need help with some journal prompts? Search for “journal prompts” on Pinterest to get some inspo!
Remember – taking time for yourself is essential and shouldn’t be overlooked! You can’t “pour from an empty cup,” so be sure you are taking time to “refill your cup!”


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