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Pop-up shops are a great way to get your products in front of new customers. Short-term leases provide flexibility for a small business owner looking to test the market, and naturally generate consumer buzz due to the “limited time only” nature of pop-up retail.

Don’t just take our word for it - check out a couple of inspiring pop-up success stories you can find at Centennial shopping centers this summer:


While we tend to think of one business or activation “popping up” within a space at a time, the newly opened pop-up Local Heroes proudly defies the norm! Bringing together multiple small businesses all within one unique shop at Hawthorn Mall, this temporary pop-up features several brands with a shared passion for elevated streetwear. To bring the Local Heroes pop-up to life, local businesses Afresh Culture, Nologo, Lèisure, and Band Together Products teamed up to create a one-stop-shop featuring each brand’s curated line of streetwear fashion and accessories for men and women. Grand opening weekend was a huge success, and the team is already considering extending their 3-month lease to remain open through the holiday season.


Looking to think outside the box and shake up the pop-up world with a not-so-traditional activation? For inspiration look no further than MainPlace Mall, where DIVERTsessions recently launched a new outdoor action sports, creative education and entertainment venue for a three month run. Proving that pop-up shops aren’t just for temporary retail stores, DIVERTsessions has “popped up” using 45,000 square feet of exterior space to bring a unique venue full of interactive attractions to the Santa Ana community - ranging from a skatepark to a snow hill! Opening at the tail end of a year of social isolation and launching right before the first summer Olympics to host skateboarding and surfing, this July was the perfect time for DIVERTsessions to creatively bring a community of action sports and creative culture to MainPlace Mall, all within one convenient pop-up destination.


From collaborative local boutique shops to experiential entertainment venues, the pop-up retail opportunities at Centennial provide flexibility and creativity when it comes to bringing your dream activation to life. Let’s partner together and create the next buzzworthy pop-up in your local community! Contact your Local Leasing and Business Development Representative today: Contact Us.


While the ease of online shopping has certainly accelerated its popularity throughout the pandemic, consumers are also eager for real-life experiences and connections with brands. And as the world begins to recover and return to some semblance of pre-pandemic normalcy, a recent poll found that a vast majority of Americans (85%) say that they still enjoy a real in-store experience [source].

Whether you’re a local business looking to test out your first physical retail presence in your community, or an established brand looking to engage with your customers in a more tangible way, you probably understand the value of physical retail spaces and experiences. But what if you just want to test out a location, unload excess inventory, or create buzz for a limited-time-only event? Say hello to the power of the pop-up!

So, What is a Pop-Up?
The term “pop-up retail” can refer to a variety of temporary leases and store formats. From one-day activations in the mall’s common area to seasonal boutique shops, these short-term stores and experiences “pop-up” for a limited time only, often to coincide with a particular event, product launch, or shopping season. The power of the pop-up is that regardless of your brand’s size or the products you sell, with a little strategy and creative marketing, any business can find success in the world of pop-up retail.


  • Experiment Without a Long-Term Commitment: Unlike traditional retail leases, there is a lot of flexibility when it comes to negotiating a lease for a pop-up space. For example - the time frame for a pop-up lease may be as little as one day, one week, one month, or a season - and therefore they tend to be less expensive than traditional leases. This allows your business to experiment with a new concept, seasonal product, or to test a new market demographic altogether - without the long-term financial commitment of a traditional retail lease.

  • Build Lasting Connections with Your Customers: While the digital world allows businesses to connect with potential customers 24/7, nothing can replace face-to-face interactions. The power of the pop-up includes the ability to create memorable in-person experiences that reinforce your brand message and connect with your customers on a more personal, human level. By focusing on excellent customer service and creating an immersive experience, you can build a repeat customer base that will remain loyal long after your pop-up ends.

  • Drive Sales During Busy Seasons: The temporary nature of pop-up retail allows your business to take advantage of major selling periods. Think of the rush of extra foot traffic surrounding the back-to-school shopping frenzy, or the uptick in annual retail sales thanks to the holiday season in November and December. A temporary pop-up shop presents a great opportunity for established brands and new concepts alike to set up shop with seasonal gifts, themed products, or experiential activations.


In part thanks to the pandemic, the retail industry has had no choice but to evolve at a rapid pace. And while the concept of pop-up retail may be nothing new, there has never been a better time to generate buzz for your local business, and reconnect with your customers face-to-face.

Ready to take the next step and pop-up with us? Contact your Centennial Local Leasing and Business Development Representative today: Contact Us.


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