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How to Make Your Retail Space Instagrammable

With over a billion users worldwide, it’s hard to deny the popularity of Instagram. And from sharing timely marketing promotions to connecting with your customers in real-time, having a strong social media strategy presents many opportunities to grow your brand. 

If you run a brick-and-mortar business, there are ways to further grow your Instagram presence - beyond just your own account’s posts and comments. Making your physical store space more “Instagrammable” is a great way to drive foot traffic and create authentic connections with your customers. 

So, how do you make your store picture-perfect? Read on for a few ideas that will make your space more Instagram photo-worthy in today’s social media driven world.

Turn a Basic Wall into a Memorable Photo Backdrop
Instagram users are always on the hunt for the perfect backdrop to set the scene and pose in front of for their next post. Attract attention to your retail store by turning an otherwise blank space into a unique backdrop for customers to stop and snap a photo in front of. This can be done via a simple coat of paint (think a bright pop of color!), by working with a local artist to create a one-of-a-kind mural, or by adding unique decor elements like greenery, lit signage, or branded graphics. These are all on trend ways to capture attention and encourage your customers to capture your store experience and share with their followers on social media.  

Tidy Up & Be Camera Ready
Keeping your retail space neat and tidy helps ensure your store is photo-ready at all times. Making sure your aisles, shelves and displays are all free of clutter will not only improve the overall customer shopping experience, but will also create a more aesthetically pleasing space that your customers will be drawn to. Don’t forget the importance of providing good lighting as well, so that shoppers can snap and share well-lit photos of products and displays.

Stay On Brand
While paying attention to the latest interior design trends and what’s popular on social media will help you curate an Instagrammable space, it is equally important to have a clear vision of your own brand’s identity. Consider how you can convey this visually, through a personalized hashtag sign or decal added to walls or mirrors, or perhaps by incorporating your brand’s signature color into a selfie wall. The goal is to reflect your brand’s personality, while also connecting with your customers to create a fun photo-op moment. 

In Conclusion
Whether you go all out with a custom photo backdrop or simply want to tidy up your store space so it is always photo ready, making your retail space Instagram-worthy is all about creating an experience your customers won’t forget. Focus on cultivating that unique experience and your business can see a huge boost in awareness (and ultimately more foot traffic and sales!) thanks to the power of social media.