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A strong social media presence is imperative for brick & mortar shops. Social Media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn allow businesses to appear more credible, expand their reach, form meaningful relationships with their customers, and prompt their online audience to visit their stores.


1. Compelling Photographs
Visually appealing content is the cornerstone of a strong social media presence; it helps your business appear more credible, and convert followers into customers. You don’t need to be a professional photographer or photo editor to take pictures that grab your audeinces attention; you can create attractive content by attending to lighting and cropping.

  1. Lighting:
    Opt for natural light; overexposure or dim lighting appears unprofessional, and will not reflect the quality of your products or services. The same goes for filters; while some make your pictures appear more “clean” or vibrant, others (or too many filters) can appear unrealistic and unprofessional.

  2. Cropping:

    Viewers favor symmetry and the rule of thirds (a photo’s subject should be at an intersection of the gridlines on your phone or camera). Keep these principles in mind when capturing the perfect shot, and cropping your photos for social media.
2. Engaging Captions
Your social media captions can define your business’ voice, and prompt engagement by your followers; so, it’s important that your captions are both intentional and eye-catching.

Before writing your captions, you should consider what your goal is. Are you trying to develop your relationship with your audience, entice them to take a specific action, or showcase your brand? The caption you choose should reflect your goal.

Great captions will encourage conversation between your business and it’s followers, include a call to action (like visiting the store website, or taking advantage of an in-store promotion), or tell a story. Great captions are authentic to your brand voice, and reflect what your audience wants to see in their Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn feed.

3. In-Store Voucher Giveaways
Giveaways are an excellent way to generate engagement and brand awareness, as you can ask your audience to follow, comment, like, and/or tag friends in order to be a candidate for an in-store voucher. Sales will increase, and higher engagement rates will increase your brand’s visibility.

4. Promotional Codes
You can incentivize customers to visit your store by offering promotional codes for specific products or services, or your entire selection. Regardless of the promotion type, shoppers will be enticed to browse all your offerings. This creates a “win-win situation” for business owners and their customers; revenue will increase, and shoppers will save.

5. Community Building:
Compelling content and captions can engage an audience, but showing your business’ “unfiltered” moments can establish a greater sense of intimacy and customer loyalty. Here are a few ways to build community on social media:

  1. "Post Stories": Both Facebook and Instagram offer “Stories,” which allow you to share temporary pictures or videos that can be “highlighted” on your page.

    Stories are more casual and easier to customize than posts, so they’re the perfect place to emphasize what’s already on your feed (like promotions or a new post), reshare posts by your customers, or show yourself and your employees "behind the scenes".

    Instagram Stories also offer fun ways to engage with your followers, like polls, quizzes, and questions. These tools boost engagement, and bolster the connection between you and your followers.

  2. Go Live: Like stories, going live on Facebook or Instagram is a great way to authentically portray your business. You can offer tours of your store, show snippets of in-store events, showcase your employees, and interact with customers in in real time.

  3. Use Social Media to Promote In-Store Events: Social media is a great place for events to gain traction, as your followers can easily save posts or share them with friends and family.

In Conclusion
Social media is an invaluable tool for driving in-store traffic. Posting high quality content with captivating captions, celebrating promotions and giveaways, and building customer loyalty with “behind the scenes” content, helps businesses build brand awareness, establish an authentic voice, and form meaningful connections that transform their audiences into loyal customers.


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